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Questions about STEM Toys and Games.

April 04, 2021 1 min read

What is STEM and STEAM?

STEM and STEAM are terms used to group specific toys and games

  • S for Science.
  • T for Technology
  • E for Engineering
  • A for Arts
  • M for Maths

What are these important?

STEAM games and toys help develop skills which are real-world. Troubleshooting, deduction, multiplication and division, mechanics, art skills, and communication. 

STEAM is important because every parts of our lives has a degree of STEAM in it; confidence in these skills will create an individual who is well prepared for tomorrow. 

Why toys?

Toys introduce these skills through play, making the learning enjoyable. Many of the games require communication and cooperation and spending time learning away from the screen helps develop the right skills for a well-rounded individual.

Developing STEAM skills

STEAM skills are specific to science, maths and technology combined with interpersonal skills. They help develop design thinking, creativity, problem solving, analysis, team-working, and communication.