Erupting Volcano Science Kit - Magnoidz

Learn about geology with this great value science experiment kit for children! The box comes with everything you need to complete five volcano-related experiments and an educational booklet packed with explosive volcano facts!

Become an expert in geology and educate your friends and family with a huge range of fun facts! From where you can find them, what are the benefits of  volcanoes, eruption facts and more!

This explosive experimentation science kit contains instructions for 5 experiments including;

  • Experiment 1: Overflow!
  • Experiment 2: Layers of Lava
  • Experiment 3: Flowing Freely? Slow & Steady?
  • Experiment 4: Into the Air!
  • Experiment 5: Explosive Energy!
Contents: volcano model; base; mini container; crater cap; 25ml syringe; tube; magma gel mix; measuring spoon; coloured sand; Instruction and educational resource booklet

    Manufacturer Recommended Age 6+