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Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel Game - Blue Orange

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Step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as you hunt for clues and solve a series of interconnected mysteries in this graphic-novel where you are the hero!

A great choice to share together as a family, and a good travel companion!

Test your powers of logic and observation in this innovative title.  If you were ever a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure type books, you will have some idea how this works, as you choose your path through the story.  The graphic novel allows the use of the visual clues.  Can you emulate the observational brilliance and deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes and solve four mysteries.

A gang of criminals terrorising the streets, a mansion harbouring a thousand mysteries, a grimoire stolen by a ghost, a secret that comes to revelation… the great Sherlock Holmes himself entrusts you with the resolution of these cases!

You are the secret police of the famous detective, and you play, as you wish, the agile Vicky, the powerful lke, the observer Wiggins or the cunning Myrtle.  Use your specific skills to explore the streets of London, solve puzzles, collect clues, interview suspects, decode messages.

Play alone or with others, make the right choices and create your own adventure, because YOU are the heroes! 

Contains one graphic novel book, comprising four investigations.

We have included some images below to give you a feel for how the book works, but please don't study them too closely if you don't want any spoilers!

Manufacturer Recommended Age 8 Years+

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