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Endangered Animals Giant 60-Piece Floor Jigsaw Puzzle - Ravensburger

This bright, colourful, high-quality 60 piece giant floor puzzle is a great way for children to learn about the world's endangered animals.

The full-colour map includes illustrations of 100 endangered animals, some well known (such as the African Elephant and Black Rhino), whilst others are lesser known (Bolivian Chinchilla Rat and the Nimba Otter Shrew). There are also surprising additions, like our very own Exmoor Pony, which is listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

The map also highlights continents, oceans and some lines of latitude (the Equator, Arctic and Antarctic Circles, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn). Each animal is identified on the numbered data sheet supplied with the jigsaw.

Recommended for 4 years+.

69cm x 49cm when complete.

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