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Prime Climb Maths Game - ThinkFun / Math For Love

Prime Climb is a perfect game for ages 10+ (or 8+ with adult guidance) to explore mathematical structure in multiplication, division, and prime numbers in a fast-paced, dynamic game of strategy and luck.

Great for home or school, Prime Climb has received rave reviews, a raft of awards, and thousands of fans.  

The game board is marked with colour coded numbers from zero to 101. The colour coded board helps children calculate multiplication and division with ease, and with repeated plays they familiarise themselves with the mental arithmetic.  

Players take turns to roll dice and add, subtract, multiply or divide that with the number on which their pawn sits, and send their pawn to the resulting number.  If you end on a prime number, take an action card, which may help you or hinder an opponent.  The first player to get both their pawns to exactly 101 wins the game.

The rules are delightfully uncomplicated and you can start playing within minutes of first opening the box, but your calculations can be as simple or complex as you choose.  There's nothing more satisfying than finding a sneaky and unexpected sum to help you reach your goal!

The perfect gift for maths geeks of all ages, or anyone needing a fun way to brush up their number skills.

Manufacturer recommended age 10 Years+ (or younger depending on ability).

2-4 Players

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Catherine Woolley
Wonderful for all the family!

We really enjoyed this game through 3 generations aged 9-78! Got the grey matter working and it was great to be able to team together to ensure everyone could participate. The best bit was bumping others back to 0 then realising that this is not a linear game and sometimes you can gain advantage from being sent back to the start - a good life learning lesson as well as excellent for math skills! Wholeheartedly recommend.

Amazing game

This maths game is really good. It recommends for age 10+, but my kids love the other Math For Love games so I bought it just in case the UK stops selling this before my kids are 10. My oldest is 6 and she found it interesting when we played it together (we didn't do turns, we just did a team effort). She hasn't yet mastered basic maths, but this gave an opportunity for me to talk out loud some more complicated maths concepts, which maybe will eventually inspire her to follow maths concepts further. Love the quality of the game and the man behind it is a genuis, so I'm sure this game will benefit us over the next several years :-)