Static Electricity Science Kit - Magnoidz

Give your child a cognitive work-out with Magnoidz Science Kits! Learn about Static Electricity with Magnoidz Static Shocker experiment kit.

The kit provides a fun learning experience about static electricity and comes with an Educational Resource booklet which outlines each experiment and is packed with fun facts about electricity!

Discover the differences between the properties of electricity including positive and negative charges. Understand where static electricity is found in everyday life and where it can build up and discharge! The kit even covers facts about the most powerful display of electrostatics in nature – Lightning!

This kit contains instructions for six experiments:

  • Experiment 1: Create static electricity
  • Experiment 2: Cause interesting phenomena using familiar objects
  • Experiment 3: Light a fluorescent tube (bulb)
  • Experiment 4: Attract an empty can
  • Experiment 5: Bend a stream of water
  • Experiment 6: Become a path for electricity
Contents: Van de Graaf generator, 5x mirrored tape.

    Manufacturer Recommended Age 6 Years+