October 16, 2020 1 min read

This week we got stuck into theScience of Bubbles kit from Magnoidz.  Who doesn't like bubbles?  We all had a lot of fun, and both girls continued experimenting with bubbles long after we had completed the official activities!

The very accessible learning resource book guides you through 13 experiments to discover more about bubbles and their physical properties.

Science Bubbles Bubble Tray

The kit comes with some starter bubble mix, as well as instructions for making more, a small and large bubble tray, and a wide variety of different way to make bubbles!  Learn about surface tension and how soap bubbles stay together. 

Science of Bubbles Bubble Shape

Discover why bubbles are always spherical, and make your own wands for bigger bubbles.  Explore the reasons for the rainbow of colours you can see on the surface of the bubbles, and even learn how to make your own triangular and square bubbles.

Science of Bubbles Square bubble frame

See if you can use static electricity to control a bubble, and a favourite experiment here was seeing the instant effect that detergent has on the surface tension of water (all on the way to understanding what is about bubble mix means it can make bubbles at all!

The Bubble Science kit from Magnoidz is an engaging way to discover more about bubbles and their properties.