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October 24, 2020 1 min read

Break the Code Game Box

Break the Code from Iello is a quick to learn, slow to master 2-4 player code-cracking puzzler.

In two-player mode the players compete to be the first to decipher their opponent's five digit code, including working out the colour of each digit.  In three and four player games, the participants race against each other to crack a single code.

Six question cards are laid out (for example, 'What is the sum of your left three tiles?' or 'Which of your tiles are consecutive numbers?') and players take it in turns to select one to ask an opponent.  Cards are replenished each turn, and players gradually build up-enough information to puzzle out the code.  The game ends when the code is successfully guessed or if the question cards run out.

Break the Code Game 2Player set up

As well as sharpening up logic and reasoning skills, Break the Code seamlessly incorporates maths - and would be particularly helpful in strengthening number bonds to 25 - while easily passing that all important fun test!

The recommended age is 10 years+, although it could be enjoyed by an enthusiastic 8 year-old, or younger with support.

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