Addition By Heart: Visual Flash Cards for True Comprehension - Math For Love

Addition by Heart is a visual way to master foundation maths facts – in just 5 minutes a day!

These cards use colourful images and cutting-edge research to help you learn addition facts. Plus, there are games to unlock and explore, so you can keep playing with your cards even after you’ve mastered the facts.


Deck 1 – Dice Patterns (25 cards)
Deck 2 – Ten Frames (75 cards)
Deck 3 – Bar Diagrams (32 cards)

Bonus! Reference deck for teen numbers Includes a guide for spaced repetition - scientifically proven as the best way to use flash cards to master facts.

Extra games and explorations mean Addition by Heart becomes a play-deck once each deck is mastered.

Don’t learn by rote. Learn by Heart.

Box: 14 x 9.5 x 8.5cm.

Standard delivery £3.45 (Large Letter size £2.75). Free Delivery on orders over £30

Customer Reviews

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Just what we needed

We really needed something that would help the kids addition skills. We have only played it a few times at the moment but I can see the potential it will have. We love Math For Love anyway, and this is exactly what we needed to feel the kids are seeing formula written down and translate that to their real world understanding of numbers. Hopefully they will introduce a minus version next too.

Also, I messaged Steam Rocket when I heard this game had been released to ask if they were getting it as I had bought other Math For Love items here previously. They replied quickly and kept me updated as their delivery progressed. Seems like lovely people behind this business, and we are always happy to support lovely people.