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Flyin' Goblin Game - IELLO

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Attack! Catapult your goblin soldiers to plunder the riches of the castle!

Gold and diamonds reward the best shots, but each room is full of surprises… not all of which are pleasant. Discover this wild game of precision, risk-taking and total madness!

Flyin' Goblin is a fun game, which also offers a chance to practice motor skills.

The box forms the basis of the game – but make sure you have plenty of space to fling your goblins! You’ll need to spend your loot to buy extra troops or build your totem, before heading back to battle. Keep your totem intact to earn more diamonds!

Each round has the following phases:

  1. Catapulting: All at the same time, catapult your available goblins into the castle.
  2. Looting: Taking turns, retrieve your goblins and apply the effects of the rooms that they fell into.
  3. End Game Conditions: Check if anyone has met the end game condition.
  4. Recruitment: Taking turns, you can buy any of the various pieces from your personal army board.

Repeat the catapult! Keep going until either the totem victory condition is met or the diamond victory condition is met. With two different ways to win, you’ll be racing to play again

Contents: 4  catapults; 4 army boards; 20 goblin soldier pawns; 6 Goblin captain pawns; 8 Goblin looter pawns; 16 totems pawns; 50 coin tokens; 50 diamond tokens; Castle (box + 7 punchboards); Tower punchboard

Manufacturer Recommended Age 8+

Play Time 30 Minutes approx.

2-4 Players

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Customer Reviews

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Bernard Moggridge
Flyin goblin

My son just loves this game, if he had his way we would be playing all day every day. Great game