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Litmus Paper Science Kit - Magnoidz

The perfect gift for a budding chemist! The Litmus Paper Science Kit provides a fun learning experience to challenge inquisitive minds. This fun and educational kit contains components to carry out 5 experiments, detailed in the Educational Resource booklet.

Discover the world of Chemistry with this intriguing science kit and learn about the differences in the three liquid properties; acid, neutral and alkaline. Understand the effect of acidity in the human body and in the environment with fun science facts from Magnoidz.

This great value kit contains instructions for 5 fun experiments (some standard household items required in addition to contents);

  • Experiment 1: Make your own Litmus Paper
  • Experiment 2: Liquid Tests
  • Experiment 3: Measure the intensity of acidity or alkalinity
  • Experiment 4: Mix the acid and alkaline liquids
  • Experiment 5: Make an egg soft
What's in the box?
  • Instruction booklet, 15ml test tubes x 4, 100ml beakers x 2, Test Tube Rack x 1, Dropper x 1, Measuring Spoon x 1, Funnel x 1, Purple sweet potato powder x 1 and Filter paper diameter 70mm (10 sheets) x 1

Manufacturer Recommended Age 6+


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