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Magic Cauldron Game - Haba

A magical memory game for ages 5 and up.

The sorcerer‘s apprentices at the Magica magic school wave their wands around excitedly! Today is the big magic exam! All candidates meet on the enchanted magic mountain, around the magic cauldron. It magically shows which ingredients need to be conjured up to brew the magic potion. But be careful! When the cauldron is stirred, the ingredients change colour as if by magic. Who can keep track of what’s in the magic cauldron and always knows where the required ingredients can be found?

The first player to brew the right mixture of magic potions wins the game.

Contents: 1 magic cauldron (made up of: box base with insert, interlocking cross, false floor, turntable transparent film with symbols and game plan), 1 whirlwind turning figure, 4 sorcerer's apprentices made of wood, 4 player markers, 20 ingredient tiles (toad spawns, toadstools, lion fish bones, witch's worms, and dragon crystals, each in 4 colours), 36 magic potion tiles, 12 magic coins, instructions

Manufacturer Recommended Age 5 Years+

2-4 Players

German packaging with English instructions.

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