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Magnetic Fractions - Fiesta Crafts

Develop an understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals with this all in one resource with a fry wipe board and double-sided chunky magnetic pieces.

In support of a child's early years development, the magnetic fractions pack is colourful and pictorial, designed to help teach children the fundamentals of fractions, percentages and decimals without them even realising it. The magnetic board has been designed to show how one figure equates to the same in percentage or decimal terms, for example that 1/5th is the same as 20% and 0.2. Answers are on the reverse, making it easy for children to check if they have got the answers right, and the wipe-clean board makes it easy to rub out and start again.

The fractions pack includes a magnetic, wipe-clean board, pen, and activities to help guide children along and encourage their development in basic numeracy.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 6-11 Years

Size 18x25.5cm