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Magnetic Words for Years 3, 4 and 5 - Fiesta Crafts

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Handy magnetic set with 114 National Literacy Strategy words for Years 3, 4 and 5. Learn Words, make sentences, practice writing for class, at home or travel. Children love learning essential vocabulary & writing skills whilst playing with this set of magnetic first words.

The double sided magnetic board includes outlines to practice letter shapes and the magnets are chunky and each one is 2cm high.

This set of the High Frequency words taught in years 3, 4 and 5 offers much more fun and versatility than trying to learn spelling lists.

A few ideas for activities:

  • Jumble up a sentence and try to put it back into the correct order
  • Bingo. Give out 10 tiles to each player. One person calls out the words at random (use this pack as a guide). Each time a player has their word called they put it aside. The winner is the first to have all their words called.
  • Hangman: Use the word tiles to choose the word and trace over the letter on the letter guide on each guess.
  • Place the word tiles upside down and take turns to pick a piece up and read the word.
  • Use word tiles to make up a sentence and draw a picture for it.
  • Storymaker: pick out 3 or more words and tell a story including these words.

Pack includes 159 word pieces, double-sided magnetic board plus activity ideas (dry wipe pen not included).

Also available: Magnetic Words for Reception and Years 1 &2

Recommended Age 5-7 Years

Size 20x32cm

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