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Maths Balance Learning Tool - Learning Resources

Teach number relationships in a concrete way with this versatile, tactile tool.

Each side of the balance is labelled 1-10, and can be used to create and check addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums.

For example, placing weights on 3 + 4 on one side will balance, when a weight is placed on 7 on the other side, the arm balances.  Equally, 3x3=9 can be tested and checked with 3 weights on 3, and one on 9 on the opposite side of the balance.  Concepts of inequality can also be explored and demonstrated.

A simple, self-checking tool to gain insight into abstract concepts of number operations, algebraic equations and properties of arithmetic.  

There are pegs for weights on both sides and the reverse is blank and could be labelled with other numbers (for example fractions).

Set includes 21cm tall balance, twenty 10g weights, labels and instruction booklet.

Recommended age 6 years+