Moonlight Castle - Haba

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Tonight won't be a peaceful night! In the garden of the Moonlight Castle, Zirroz the magician uses his power to make all the kingdom’s jewels magically float away. To stop him, the children creep cleverly through the castle garden and collect colorful pebbles. They pick the right moment to secretly swap them for the stolen gems. But be careful – the colors need to match, otherwise the plan won’t work! The player who recovers the most jewels wins.

Moonlight Castle is an enjoyable game to play together as a family or for children to enjoy independently.  It allows younger children to practice decision making and planning ahead.

Contents: 1 3D castle, 1 game board, 1 fabric bag, 60 cardboard tiles, 1 slider, 4 well tiles, 28 path tiles, 5 play figures, 4 screens, 1 starting player token, 1 rulebook.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 5+

2-4 Players

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