Multiplication Tables Maths Colouring Book 1 - Tarquin

A great, screen-free and fun way of learning tables effortlessly.

A new edition of a classic title that has been used to teach hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - of students over the years!

On every page there are diagrams made up of small numbered areas. If that number will divide by the number being studied, then the area has to be coloured. When all the target areas are coloured, the hidden picture is revealed.

There are also other charts and hundred squares to colour and a test at the end to confirm the progress made.

Not only is the Multiplication Tables Colouring Book 1 an enjoyable way to practice multiplication, but colouring is great for relaxation, AND children have the satisfaction of having applied their skills to solve a puzzle and produce a surprise picture!

Covering times tabes all the way to twelve, and prime numbers.

ISBN 9780906212851

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