Oi! Magnetic Creative Writing - Fiesta Crafts

The hugely popular Oi! characters are now helping children to create their own stories.

Oi! Magnetic Creative Writing helps children develop their creativity and nurtures a love of reading and story-telling, but using already much loved characters as a jumping-off point.

Using the 48 magnetic pieces, children will develop their creative skills as they complete the activities suggested on the back of the pack. For example, lots of laughter and creativity is generated when you pick 3 or 4 words or pictures at random and create a story around them.

Oi Frog, Oi Dog and more have been hugely popular with children and teachers as the books, a publishing sales phenomenon, combine hilarious rhymes and gorgeous pictures.

Contains a board and pen, 24 magnetic picture pieces, and 24 magnetic phonic and word pieces.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 4-8 Years

Size 20x32cm

Standard delivery £3.45 (Large Letter size £2.75). Free Delivery on orders over £30