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Qwantum Game - NSV

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Enter numbers in your grid that are always higher than the previous turn – until those totals need to go lower once again.

Quantum is a fun game, which integrates mental arithmetic practice and requires logical decision making.

    How to play:

    Take all seven dice and take your first turn. If you are not happy with the score, you can reroll.

    Select one colour and enter the total for the dice in this colour on the corresponding coloured row on your scoresheet.

    Now remaining players can enter any one of the remaining three colours on their scoresheet. The white dice is also added to every colour’s total here too.

    Numbers always have to be entered from left to right in each coloured row – gaps are not allowed. The numbers within each coloured row always have to be higher from left to right but only up to the thick line and then from there on they have to get lower.

    The game ends when one player has completely filled in all four coloured rows on their scoresheet. Total up points, making deductions for misthrows – highest score wins!

    Contents: 7 dice; Score pads; 4 pencils

    Manufacturer Recommended Age 8+

    Play Time 15 minutes approx.

    2-4 Players

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