Rat-a-Tat Roll Board Game - Gamewright

Rat-a-Tat Roll is a fun numbers dice game that reinforces memory skills.  

Roll around the world with Rat-a-Tat Roll, which puts a fresh spin on the best-selling Rat-a-Tat Cat card game.  Look out for peeks, swaps and especially the chancy “wild” spots, where things could really get dicey!

Get the lowest score and Rat-a-Tat Catapult to victory!

What’s in the box?

  • 45 cards
  • 15 tokens
  • Four dice
  • One ‘Catue of Liberty’ pawn
  • One game board

How to play:

Move around the board trying to collect cats while avoiding rats. Choose one, two or three dice, keeping re-roll tokens handy in case you miss your mark.

Decide how far you want the Catue of Liberty to travel with the goal of collecting the lowest rat card. Roll up to three of the number dice depending on how far you want to go – then move Catue that number of spaces.

Complete the action on the space you have landed on – for example if you land on the card symbol, you can either take the card in that section or draw the top card from the draw pile.

Keep playing until you have either have either 5 cards (2 player game) or 4 cards (3-5 players) face-down in front of you. Reveal your cards and if you have the lowest value, you win!

Manufacturer Recommended Age 6+

Play Time 15 minutes approx.

2-5 Players