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Blue Orange

Slide Quest Cooperative Dexterity Board Game - Blue Orange

The bad guys have taken over our beautiful kingdom and it’s in total chaos! You have to save the world, and quickly!

This is a cooperative dexterity game, great for developing motor and communication skills.  Played must work together to guide the brave, rolling knight through a turbulent adventure, which is lined with twists and traps!

To win the game, players must help the knight to cross the 5 maps that make up 1 world, arriving safe and sound at the end. There are 4 kinds of world - Coast, Mountain, Castle Grounds, Castle.

The difficulty level increases from one world to the next. When the players have successfully crossed a world, they can move onto the next one (or replay the same world) by resetting their number of lives.

Players position themselves around the board and each is in control of one or more levers (depending on the numbers of players) and have to manipulate the levers to tip the board and move the knight to his final goal.  

Players need to communicate with each other in order to coordinate how they use their levers to control how the board is moved and to succeed in moving the knight to complete his mission.  This could be following a path and avoiding pitfalls on the way, or could involve pushing other components to the correct place on the map.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 7+

Play Time 15-45 Minutes approx.

1-4 Players