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Blue Orange

Sprint Cooperative Card Game - Blue Orange

This cooperative game helps to develop team work and elementary maths.

The Tortoise and the smirking Hare place themselves at the starting line for one final race to cross a vegetable garden.  On their turn, players pick up an objective card.  This indicates the number of cards they should take from the race card pile.  The only catch is they can't count the cards - estimate the number, and depending how close you are, that's how many you move forward.  In this exciting cooperative game, help the Tortoise to be the first to cross the finish line.

Officially for ages 8+, it’s a fun little cooperative game for ages 5+ to practice  counting, addition and subtraction, and for exploring less than and more than.  For slightly older children it introduces proportions and can be used for simplifying fractions.

      Manufacturer Recommended Age 8+ (rules can be adapted for younger children)

      Play Time 10 minutes approx.

      2-4 Players