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Starter Building Box Marble Run - Hubelino (85 Pieces)

Explore the Endless Possibilities of Physics with this Expandable, Compatible Marble Run Construction Set

Everything you need to get your first marble run started, including base plates, lots of run elements, building blocks and plenty of marbles.

In this Hubelino starter set you have everything for hours of playing, building and marble fun!

This starter set contains everything you need to get started:

  • 2 Big bends (180º)
  • 2 Small bends (90º)
  • 5 Ramps
  • 4 tunnels
  • 7 Corner elements
  • 1 Intersection
  • 41 Building blocks in different sizes
  • 2 capping stones
  • 8 Small track parts (4 studs)
  • 1 Long track section (16 studs)
  • 1 Turn with slope left (180º)
  • 1 Turn with slope right (180º)
  • 2 Stop/start blocks
  • 1 Baseplate/base (140 studs)
  • 7 Marbles
  • 1 Operating instructions

These modular and compatible marble runs are designed to stay put, so your kids can focus on the fun. They promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity. Whether with an instruction booklet or with free play, constructing a marble run stimulates working memory, and improves the capacity for analytical thought. And best of all, it builds on an existing system to extend its life.

All 85 parts and components of the Starter Building Box are compatible with common components from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds.

Like all products from Hubelino, the Basic Building Box is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 4 Years+

Made in Germany

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