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Team Story: Storytelling Card Game - Loki

Get creative with a fun storytelling game, building communication, teamwork, vocabulary and memory

“Yikes! A magic tornado wrecked the library and the magic book’s pages haveall flown away! Trainee sorcerers, it’s up to you! Become Storytellers, invent tales, and get the pages to come back… in the right order!”

A magical tornado devastated the library and the pages of the grimoire flew away! Apprentice magicians, it’s up to you! Become a Storyteller, make up stories and bring back the pages… in the right order!

In Team Story, players play as storytellers who use the images in front of them to invent a story, which is then told to the listener. The images are then mixed together!

Will the listener be able to find the right images and put them back in the right order?

The Detail:

The aim of the game is to score the most stars by telling great stories and recreating them using the right cards in the right order.

First you will need to select the deck you want to use – magic or adventure. The player with the largest ears becomes the first listener. One of the storytellers will be the scribe for the first round, and all storytellers take three cards and place them face down in front of them.

Starting with ‘once upon a time’ the storyteller turns over the first card and starts weaving story to do with that card. (Be sure to describe the card). The scribe secretly writes the number of the story on the score sheet, and places the card face down on the middle storyboard.

The story continues until the middle storyboard is filled with face down cards.

The listener must concentrate and try to remember as many details as possible. When the story is finished – the storytellers then mix up all the story cards and turn them face up. The listener then has 60 seconds to search the story cards that were mentioned in the story, in the correct order!

For every correct card, it scores two points for the listener.

This continues until each player has had a turn at being the listener, the highest score at the end wins.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 5 Years+.

Play Time 20 Minutes Approx.

2-7 Players

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