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The Quacks of Quedlinburg Board Game - Schmidt

The best quack surgeons from across the land gather to brew their concoctions against smelly feet, homesickness and hiccups.  This fast-moving game requires strategic thinking as everyone tries to push their luck just a little further.

To brew your potions, draw ingredients from the shared supply bag. Take care with what you draw, as too many peas could spoil the mixture. Do you stop early to improve your chances of making a better potion later, or do you risk a big setback to get more money and fame now?

How to play:

Everyone draws chips from their bags, placing them on the appropriate numbered space in their pots. You’re aiming to get as far around the board as possible. If you draw over 7 cherry bombs, your pot explodes! You decide when you stop!

Once all players have stopped, you score up! Complete the special chip actions if relevant, collect rubies, score victory points and go shopping! If your pot explodes, you must choose between taking the victory points or the shopping points.

After nine rounds, the player with the most victory points wins!

        Manufacturer Recommended Age 10+ 

        Play Time 45 minutes approx.

        2-4 Players

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Great game and brilliant service

        I already owned this game when I bought it through Steam Rocket, my wife and I played it with friends who loved it so we bought it as a gift.

        A fun push-your-luck game with indirect competition where you can focus on your strategy...and then cross your fingers.

        Steam Rocket were brilliant, I had a specific request with my order and received a fast response with an offer of even better service than I asked for. Definitely recommended, thank you!

        Jack Braley
        Great efficient delivery

        Purchase was a gift they loved it