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Three Bear Family Baby Bear Bucket Balance - Learning Resources

Help children understand number relationships in a concrete way with this versatile tool.

This colourful bucket balance helps young children understand measuring and comparing quantities, weight and volume.

The clear 400ml buckets have marked measurement indicators that allow children to see inside when filling with liquids or dry good such as the set’s 102 colourful Compare Bear counters.  The buckets have pouring spouts, and lids so you can convert to a platform balance.

The set includes 1 balance with storage drawer, 2 x 400ml clear buckets with pouring spouts and lids, 102 bears in 6 bright colours and an Activity Guide.
Balance measures 42cm L x 16.5cm W x 15cm H. Bears measure 2.5cm in height and weigh 4 grams each.

Recommended age 3-7 years+

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